What is the Covid safety policy?

The safety of our guests is paramount. We will be following local COVID guidelines for the wedding and encourage guests who are not feeling their best to stay home. We will happily celebrate with you at another time!

There is ample outdoor space to mingle while distanced, however the sit down dinner will be indoors at a closer proximity. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you wish to attend only the outdoor portion of events.

The event will be capped off at 100 total guests in order to adhere to provincial distancing guidelines.

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

The wedding dress code is semi-formal/cocktail attire, however you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful. Weather wise, we recommend bringing something warm like a sweater or jacket for the ceremony, and good shoes for dancing! As the ceremony is outdoors, we suggest avoiding stilettos and opting for flats and block heels.

What will the weather be like this time of year?

October will hopefully have lovely leaves and crisp air. The ceremony and cocktail hour will be held in a covered outdoor venue, so we recommend bringing a sweater, and leggings or pants.

Will the ceremony and reception be indoors or outdoors?

The ceremony will be held in a covered outdoors area, while the reception will be held indoors. There will be outdoor activities available such as a bonfire throughout the evening, weather permitting.

What should I do if I can’t make it?

You will be missed! If you can not make it to the wedding, please let us know as soon as possible and RSVP “no,” so we can plan accordingly. We would love to plan a way to celebrate with you at a different date!

Are kids welcome?

While we love your little ones, our wedding is going to be an adults-only event so that everyone can relax and enjoy the evening, outside of babes in arms. We appreciate you making arrangements ahead of time and leaving the kids at home so you can celebrate with us.

Can I bring a date?

We have a strict guest list to stay on budget and within our Covid safety plan.  Our wedding is strictly RSVP only. We will only able to accommodate those listed on your invitation and RSVP.

Will food be served at the reception? What kind of food?

Absolutely! We will be serving a selection of canapés after the ceremony and before the reception, which will be a 3 course dinner. Finally, we will have an evening snack.

Will there be any vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/special diet options?

We are happy to be offering a vegan option at our wedding, however please let us know about any additional allergies or dietary needs on your RSVP, so we can discuss options with our venue.

Will there be a bar?

You know it! We will be hosting an open bar throughout the event featuring house wine, liquors and beers. We recommend those who wish to partake late into the evening take a look at our accommodations page.

Will there be animals present?

Yes, there will be animals present. Should the weather permit it there will be horses on the premise, and possibly the venue owners dog. We recommend taking allergy medication if you have issues with either of these animals!

Will the bride be changing her name?

Yes! Nicole will be taking Christian's last name after the ceremony (Giacomel).

I still have questions, what is the best way to contact you?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, either via phone, text, email, or this contact form so that we can answer your question!